Useful tools for Windows users

Created by Luc Shelton - Posted 10/24/2015

I decided that it would be worthwhile collating a selection of tools that I make use of frequently so that I could come back to this page in the future should I forget about any that were beneficial.


A collection of tools that can be used to enhance productivity when working at your desktop machine.



A gift from Mac users, RocketDocket mimics the behaviour of the task bar that can be found on the OS X operating system. I typically store all my regularly used icons on this dock as opposed to the desktop, given that I find it more convenient for accessing what I want rapidly.



For when Windows search indexing goes horribly wrong (I'm looking at you Windows 10), there's Everything which is a powerful search utility for accessing documents and other items on your system efficiently.



An extremely convenient cloud storage utility for sharing files across systems or accessing files through the web when you are at a different work station. I've used this on numerous occasions for backing up holiday snaps and transferring other kinds of files.


SysInternal Tools

A collection of tools that can be used for the Windows operating system that were developed by SysInternal before they were acquired by Microsoft.


Push Bullet

There are few tools out there that can be used for interacting with your phone from your desktop or laptop computer. This in particular has been quite handy for me given that it enables me to transfer small snippets of information between my machine at home to my phone.



A handy lightweight application that can be used for generating GIFs based on the screen capture of your desktop.


SQL Lite Database Browser

Interestingly there are quite a few modern applications out there that make use of SQL Lite databases as a form of storing configuration settings. This has been frustrating as it means that I can no longer simply use a text editor to few the settings that have been stored. This utility lets me open up SQL Lite database binaries and view the contents inside of them as if it was any other SQL server type.


System Administration

A collection of utilities that can be used for diagnosing problems with your system or simply monitoring varying aspects of it.


Angry IP Scanner

I've used this a few times for understanding which machines were connected to the same network as me. You can specify IP ranges and a DHCP that allocates the IPs so that you can efficiently narrow down machines that have a local connection to you. This has been handy in a few instances when setting up LAN gaming networks.


Kill Box

I've had countless instances where processes would freeze and despite my best efforts to even terminate them through the task manager, they would refuse to terminate. Kill Box terminates the task from OS level and does so effectively. I've not seen this utility fail once out of all the times that I've been forced to use it.



Informative utility for monitoring the currently open and closed ports on the machine and which applications have sockets bound to them.



A neat utility that can be used for quickly creating bootable USB drives from a provided ISO file. I've used this in a few instances when setting up machines to use Ubuntu Linux.



A handy network administration utility that can be used for packet sniffing unencrypted connections. Especially convenient when using monitoring FTP or HTTP connections.



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