Web Development

Developing pocodesign.co.uk

By Luc Shelton - Posted 08/10/2015
For the most part, developing pocodesign.co.uk was a collaborative effort between myself and Robin Pierce. The design was originally conceptualised by Robin while I merely got the website working into a functional entity.

Setting up an SMTP server with WAMP

By Luc Shelton - Posted 08/02/2015
In this article I am going to quickly go over what is required to set up a basic SMTP server that can be used for testing any email functionality that you may incorporate into your PHP application with Apache2.

Compiling SASS/SCSS with Ruby

By Luc Shelton - Posted 08/01/2015
The CSS & JS framework that powers this website is the Ink framework, which is an amazing bit of kit that affords me a grid layout, button stylings and more at no cost. The best thing about this framework however is the fact that it comes with the SCSS source...