UKIE Game Jam

London, United Kingdom 2012-10-24

Touted on twitter under the hashtag of #journodevswap, the event was meant to swap the roles of journalists and games designers in the hopes that there would be a better understanding between the two roles within the industry. Students from Derby University were invited to come down and take part as a method of helping the development efforts of the game.

This was a fun little event that took place at the UKIE offices in the heart of London. The premise of the event was that journalists and developers were to get together to make a game. The idea was interesting mostly because of the strained relationship that journalists and developers often have when it comes to accurately reporting or being accountable for their actions.

As a result of coming to the jam, I wanted to develop something within a new set of tools, so I set about learning Unity within the time that I was there and creating a basic 2D platformer with orthagraphic 3D perspective.

Over the course of the event, was frequently reporting about the things that were going on a long with the other journalists who were present.



  • Mark Backler - Lionhead Studios
  • Jim Griffiths - MediaTonic
  • Andrew Smith - Spilt Milk Studios
  • Peter Theophilus-Bevis - Blitz Studios


  • Rob Crossley - CVG
  • Keith Stuart - The Guardian
  • Lewie Procter - Savy Gamer
  • Dan Griliopoulos - Rock, Paper, Shotgun, IGN Entertainment and more

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