Ant Frenzy

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This was a project that was developed as part of the Microsoft Student Ambassadors programme and was later used as part of another project that was part of the course curriculum. The project integrated various features such as 2D rigid body physics, separating axis-theorem for rotated collision detection, finite state machines (AI) and basic particle effects.


  • Web-based leaderboards
  • Basic particle effects
  • Level loading from .txt
  • Level loading from .tmx file format - Tiled Map Editor
  • A* Pathfinding for enemy ant AI
  • Infuence maps (danger avoidance)

Source code

  • The TMX level loader that I wrote is available on GitHub.
  • Pathfinding methods used for ants is available on GitHub.
  • Full game source code is available on Github.

Research - Optimizing modern pathfinding methods

During my studies at the University of Derby, I wrote a paper looking in-depth into various techniques of pathfinding that I researched for the game. It was an interesting topic as there are quite a few popular techniques out there (including A*), but none of which were quite what I was after for a swarm of ants!

You can read the article for that right here.

I am hoping to re-release this on the Windows App Store in the near future.