Autodesk FBX .NET

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This project was essentially for developing a .NET wrapper that could used for interfacing with the C++ based Autodesk FBX SDK. For a project that made use of MonoGame, I decided to take it upon myself to wrap the Autodesk FBX using CLI/C++ so that the functionality was accessible through C#. I came across libraries such as openassimp-net, and although I found them to be robust, I discovered that they missed a lot of data when the asset was loaded into memory. Therefore, I decided that I wanted to make use of the functionality of the official SDK and developed a wrapper for it.

I've committed all of my work to GitHub so far in conjunction with a side-project that I am doing which is arcanedreams. I'm hoping to leverage the code written for this project so that I can write a decent asset importer for FBX files (similar to the current FbxImporter).