This was yet another project that I had to complete during my studies at the University of Derby. The curriculum asked that I developed an app that could be approved and submitted to the Windows App Store. In the end, I settled for the idea of developing a meme generator given the current state of popculture and wide acceptance of memes on the internet. I also thought it would be a fun challenge to dynamically generate images with text overlayed.

  • Developed C++ Windows Runtime Component library for Direct2D and DirectWrite calls and image rendering.
  • Download new templates through HTTP JSON API.
  • Save and share images to Imgur image hosting website.
  • Generate new meme templates through usage of a camera on your Windows 8 device.
  • Share new images through the Share Charm into other installed apps.

My Windows Store App even got mentioned on the Microsoft academic blog a few times!

Check that out here.


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Windows App Store
The official download page for the MemeFactory app on the Windows App Store.
Microsoft UK Faculty Connection Blog
My work got mentioned on the Microsoft UK Faculty blog.