Open Crawler

This a game that was made during a university game jam. The premise of the project was that it was meant to be a multiplayer based 2D dungeon crawler. 

Although largely incomplete, it was deliberately meant to be overly ambitious so that we could experiment with certain technologies that we had never used before in our games. The thing in particular that was so great about the project was that we made use of networking and procedurally generated dungeons (through a shared seed), so that the experience was always different each time the server (host) was restarted. The networking behind the game made use of a dumb client which gave it full authority over the game state as it sent commands to the host that was hosting the game.

This project was developed in 48 hours at a #DerbyGameJam, a game jam event that took place at the University of Derby.

Used the now unsupported XNA 4.0 Game Studio Framework. Developed by Tim Leonard, Luc Shelton, Kevin Chandler.


  • TMX File Loading.
  • A* Pathfinding.
  • Networking - Server-sided dumb client connectivity.
  • Finite State Machine based artificial intelligence.