Wilson's Island

This was another student project that was completed during my time as a student at the University of Derby. It was a 12 week project with a team of 9 people comprising of 4 artists (character and environment), and 5 programmers. The theme that we were given to design and develop the game from was "simulation" therefore we decided to create a game around the idea of surviving on an island with a limited amount of characters. In the end, the game that we developed was a top-down survival strategy game revolving around 4 characters. In order to survive you must complete several tasks such as hunting boars, schools of fish and other surrounding wild-life.

After completing objectives, you would then be able to upgrade your camp and utilities to do certain actions faster.

Assets & Source code: Download


  • Finite state machine based AI system for the wild life (boars, birds and fish).
  • Level progression system based on the tasks completed within the map.
  • Fully animated characters, responsive to the environment.
  • Upgrade tree system available for the building types available to the islanders.