Useful Visual Studio Extensions

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Find below a collection of Visual Studio extensions that I use on a regular basis.

Visual Studio

These extensions include support for Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2015, and Visual Studio 2017.


Perforce integration with Visual Studio. Automatically performs edit, delete, and add operations within Visual Studio as you work on source files.

Download P4VS from the Visual Studio Marketplace

Output enhancer

Adds text highlighting to the build and debug logs, including messages that display errors, warnings, or even successful builds.

Download Output enhancer from the Visual Studio Marketplace

Smart Command-line Arguments

Convenient tool for specifying and toggling command-line arguments to use when debugging applications or projects in Visual Studio.

Download Smart Command Line Arguments

Visual Assist X

An extensive Visual Studio add-on that provides tools for refactoring and navigating code. Supports both C# and C++. Features additional support for Unreal Engine 4 code-bases and syntax.

Favourite Features

  • Navigating to code files using Alt + Shift + O.
  • Navigating to specific symbols (i.e. types) using Alt + Shift + S.
  • Navigating to specific functions or methods using Alt + M.
  • Support for code snippets.
    • Use this for quickly adding WPF related functionality including dependency properties and commands.

Visual Studio Code

Find below a collection of extensions that I use in Visual Studio Code with all programming languages.