UKIE "JournoDevSwap" Game Jam

gb United Kingdom, London

Developers and games journalists changes roles for 48 hours over the weekend to create a game.

Extracted from UKIE's website:

The devs who are becoming journos are:

Andrew Smith from Spilt Milk
Mike Bithell from Bossa Studios
Peter Theophilus-Bevis from Blitz Studios
Jim Griffiths from Mediatonic
The intrepid journalists who have agreed to become devs are:

Rob Crossley from CVG
Keith Stuart from The Guardian
Lewie Procter from Savy Gamer
Dan Griliopoulos from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, IGN Entertainment and loads more
The brave students who will be ably coding are:

Theo Chin
Chris Barnes
Karn Bianco
Luc Shelton
Kevin Chandler
More information here.

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