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Halo: Master Chief Collection

Halo: Master Chief Collection

Halo: Master Chief Collection was originally published and distributed on Xbox One back in 2015. 343 Industries and Splash Damage worked together to bring the title to PC and Windows 10, including Halo Reach and Halo 3: ODST's "Firefight" mode.

After the initial release of the title on Xbox One in 2015, Ruffian Games and Splash Damage were tasked with porting the title to Windows 10 for distribution through Steam and Windows Store. It was a pleasure to work among such a talented team, and to bring such an iconic title to PC (again).

Porting the title to PC also involved translating both gamepad control schemes, and in-game features that were originally only ever considered for Xbox One. This including (among many other features) the ability to have an uncapped framerate, as well as having an input control scheme that felt "native" or "natural" to the PC platform for FPS games.


Find below a picture of some of the team behind the project.

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Another more up-to-date picture of the team.

Master Chief Collection Team Photo


My role on the project was varied, as I often did work that spread across various teams including online services, UI, and tooling.

Online Services

  • Wrote the initial implementation of the online services subsystem used by Unreal Engine 4.
    • Interfaced with existing legacy online services systems developed by United Front Games.
    • Online user state management with legacy implementations.
    • Data marshaling between types consumed by Unreal Engine 4 and original online services systems.
  • Integrated legacy code with Unreal Engine 4 online services functionality.
  • Integrated XSAPI web-based authentication for users on Windows and Xbox Live.
  • Integrated CEF browser UI widget for in-game browser rendering used for authentication flows.
    • Used primarily for web-based authentication through XSAPI.


  • Extended and refactored existing shared UI subsystems in Unreal Engine 4.
    • In-game notifications and prompts.
    • Additional widgets and other UI elements for the frontend and main menu screens (i.e. out of game).


  • Minor core-tech related bug fixing tasks. None noteworthy.

Tooling and Automation

  • Developed user-facing applications on Windows for automating build and developer processes, using C# and WPF.
  • Tooling was capable of managing Perforce workspaces, and streamlining various tasks that relied on both legacy tooling (originally developed by United Front Games) and Unreal Engine 4 automation tooling (BuildGraph).

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