Luc Shelton

Ping Pong Fury

Ping Pong Fury

Ping Pong Fury is a new exhilarating multiplayer game that sets a new standard in fast-action, real-time online sports gaming.

Notice: I had a very limited involvement in this project. The project was far into development when I joined the company, and I had no direct involvement with any of the user-facing features of the game.

This title was developed after the success from Yakuto's previous mobile F2P games title "Darts of Fury", and featured player-versus-player multiplayer gameplay on Android and iOS.


Find below a list of responsibilities I had during my time working on the project.

Backend Infrastructure

More to come.


  • Assisted the analytics team with building backend services for aggregating telemetry data from various third-party sources, and inserting the collected data it into Google BigQuery.
  • Migrated and refactored a couple of backend services written in Python and NodeJS that were used for collecting this data.
  • Developed back office applications used for managing the automation behaviour of the analytics services.
  • Deployed and managed analytics services through Google App Engine.

Build Pipeline

  • Extended and fixed bugs in the image asset pipeline that was powered by TypeScript and NodeJS.
  • The image asset pipeline was a build process that was responsible for taking raw image assets, and converting them into a format that preserved the fidelity of the images, while reducing file-size.
  • Developed and maintained build configurations in TeamCity around backend services code for transpiling, linting, and unit-testing code in Python and NodeJS.