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Securing HTTP Headers with NGINX in Docker
Posted 19 days ago by Luc Shelton

Nginx, stylized as NGINX, nginx or NginX, is a web server that can also be used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, mail proxy and HTTP cache.

Games Development at Scale: Personal Builds
Posted 7 months ago by Luc Shelton

A breakdown and analysis of personal builds, the caveats, and how best to implement them with the JetBrains TeamCity continuous integration system, using C# and Perforce.

MSBuild: Continuous Integration Assembly Versioning
Posted 19 months ago by Luc Shelton

A guide on how to automatically inject versioning information at compile-time with any C# based project in Visual Studio and MSBuild.

Remote SSH Text Editor through Visual Studio Code
Posted 21 months ago by Luc Shelton

In this article, I will outline what is required in order to be able to remotely modify text files from a Visual Studio Code instance running from your workstation.

C# and Resource Management: Best Practices for Handling Unmanaged Resources
Posted 24 months ago by Luc Shelton

C# is commonly used on Windows with the Common-Language Runtime which is provided by the .

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