Luc Shelton

Dr. Necro's Time of Death

Dr. Necro's Time of Death

A team-based project that took 12 weeks to develop, Dr. Necro's Time of Death is a 4 player local twin-stick zombie shooter with cool time manipulating weaponry. Based around the assigned theme of "Zombies vs. Time", we set out to create a game that was fun and easily accessible with the principle of it being drop-in-drop-out enabling for new players to join and leave effortlessly.

Towards the end of the development cycle for the game, Derby University organized for there to be a games expo in which the games developed during this development cycle were demonstrated to the public in a grand fashion.

The game was received well by the public and the leaderboards provided good competition for players that came to our presentation stand.

To learn more about the game in specific, check out the website and leaderboards

Download (Alpha): Click here.

Demonstrated at GameCity NightsClick here.


Feel free to check out the teaser trailer that we had available for the game.

Teaser Trailer: Click Here

Gameplay Showreel (Pre-Alpha): Click Here