Dirty Bomb

Splash Damage

Dirty Bomb is a fast-paced free-to-play objective-based shooter that was developed by Splash Damage and published by various partners including Nexon, DDestiny, and Axeso5. The title was distributed through Steam.

The backstory of the title is set in a near-future London in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion in the centre of London. Multiplayer maps featured in the game include iconic locations that can be found around London. Play as one of the available mercenaries for one of the two available opposing sides: Jackals and the CDA.


The title was developed over a 5 year period, and my responsibilities in the development of the game often varied dependending on needs.

  • Localization Tooling
    • Tooling for importing, exporting, and managing localized strings and content.
    • Pipeline for insertion of new strings, and QA or producer approval.
  • Build Systems and Continuous Integration
  • Anti-Cheat Heuristics and Telemetry
    • Backend services for monitoring player data and identifying cheaters.
    • Generation of daily reports.
    • Support for Easy Anti-Cheat backend services (reporting and banning).
  • Automated Performance Testing
    • Web applications for navigating hotspots with connected game client, and visualizing captured historical performance data.
    • Automated nightly tests on submission of new builds to create daily comparisons against machine specification, and performance budget.
  • Crash and Error Reporting Solutions
    • Client and server multi-platform crash reporting (Linux and Windows).
    • Web applications for data visualization and issue tracking.
  • Standalone Launcher
    • Chromium Embedded Framework powered UI.
    • AngularJS frontend framework used for creating UI.
    • Content and patches distributed with LibTorrent.
  • Game Content Tooling
    • High-performance shader map baking software (normal, ambient occlusion etc.).
    • Custom tooling for enabling designers to create in-game items.