Gears of War 4

Splash Damage

Gears of War 4 was the first sequel in the franchise that was developed by The Coalition instead of Epic Games. Splash Damage was largely responsible for developing the multiplayer component, and porting the title to Windows 10 from Xbox One.


  • Build and Continuous Integration Systems
    • Build systems powered by TeamCity.
    • Pipeline tooling for building content and assets required for Windows 10 title.
  • Infrastructure
    • Backend systems for enhancing Perforce performance.
    • Build systems for continuous integration for daily and nightly build configurations.
  • Localization
    • Integration and configuration of Unreal Engine 4's localization system.
    • In-game tooling for identifying missing localization content.
  • Debug Tooling
    • Visualizations, and tooling for localization and UI teams.
    • Localization asset management.
    • Discovery of missing or untranslated strings.
  • Porting UI to Windows 10
    • Scalable system for porting UI prompts and interfaces from Xbox One to Windows 10.
    • Refactoring UI systems developed for Xbox One, for porting to Windows 10.