Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

Splash Damage

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is a recreation and port of the original Gears of War title brought to Windows 10 and Xbox One by Splash Damage and The Coalition.

The title features higher resolution textures, high-dynamic range rendering, more detailed geometry and recreated cinematics and cutscenes.


  • Localization Tooling
    • Tooling for integrating Chinese locale (traditional).
  • Automated Functional and Performance Testing
    • Nightly functional testing systems for collecting performance statistics.
    • Automated systems for testing gameplay features in various parts of in-game levels.
    • Web application for visualizing historical captured performance data.
    • Tools for launching and managing performance test runs on remote targets.
  • Build Systems and Continuous Integration
    • Build systems powered by TeamCity.
    • Build configurations for various configurations.
  • Multiplayer Features
  • Bug Fixing
    • Various core-tech related bug fixing tasks towards the end of the development cycle.
    • Fixing network desynchronisation bugs in co-operative game modes.