Splash Damage

Tools Programmer

2013-09-16 - Present
Bromley, United Kingdom
2013-09-16 - Present Bromley, United Kingdom

Working as an Tools Programmer, my roles and responsibilities consist of developing and working on preexisting internal tools that are to be used across all of our teams within the company. These teams range from other programmers and artists that develop the assets and other relevant content for our games in-house.

I support and develop any internal infrastructure that is used for supporting the development of our games. This includes any work relating to continuous and integration systems and also internal websites.

During my time at Splash Damage, I have been promoted twice from Assistant Tools Programmer, to Associate Tools Programmer to eventually Tools Programmer.

I have worked on several large AAA (both digital and boxed) including Batman: Arkham OriginsGears of War: Ultimate Edition, Gears of War 4, and Dirty Bomb.